Eslyn Spence

Christine Oriade I contacted Eslyn in 2002, when I wanted to purchase my first home, at the time I had very little real estate knowledge but I had the guidance of a realtor who was patient, honest and very hard working. Eslyn ensured that she made buying my home a positive experience. What could have been a very daunting experience became one that was positive and rewarding. Nine years later, I am in the process of putting my house on the market and looking for a new home. Of course, I did not hesitate to contact Eslyn to set the ball rolling. Eslyn made buying my home a positive experience for me, I have told my friends and family members that if they want results, they should call Eslyn at Sunbelle Realty when buying or selling their homes. Francis Mak & Family, Brampton , Ontario My wife and I have known Eslyn and Derek Spence for several years. They are not only our realtors but also good acquaintances. During this period of acquaintanceship, we found the Spences of utmost integrity and possess an undying passion to help others. It is this passion of theirs that make them (in my books) “Number One”. “Number One” in experience, “Number One” in dedication and on top of all – “Number One” in taking that extra step for their clients. We strongly recommend the Spence’s for all your residential and commercial realty needs. This is one case where the “smaller guys” outshine the bigger names. Twenty-so years of services in the real estate industry CERTAINLY speak for itself. Floyd and Gloria Campbell, Brampton, Ontario Our experience dealing with Eslyn Spence of Sunbelle Realty on the sale of our properties was superb. Eslyn is the consummate professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. She listens to your needs, rather than trying to tell you or steer you in a direction that may benefit her in one way or another. Eslyn has a wonderful and engaging style, and what we respected most about her, was her sincerity that created a trust factor critical to the process. We would recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling their home or property. Laureen van Ryck deGroot I met Eslyn almost 30 years after buying my first home and was in the market for a new home. I was nervous and relied on Eslyn entirely for guidance. I was overwhelmed by her knowledge and patience as I was not sure what I needed in my new circumstance at that time and took a long time to determine what it is I really needed. I kept apologizing for dallying, but she assured me she did not mind as she wanted me to be comfortable with my selection. She showed me many condominiums and eventually I was able to find one just seven minutes away from work with shopping, hospital and church almost in my backyard. A year later I felt I was able to handle a house in a safe neighborhood with a little garden. Again I called on Eslyn and she willing set out to help me. Again I was unsure of what I really wanted. Again, Eslyn was patient and we saw many town homes far and near. She took me into homes and pointed out defects that I was unable to see at the time as well as features that would enhance my life style and as usual guided me as to what I should be looking for. Many times she asked the questions that I did not know to ask and got the answers and requested the remedial work that should be done by the seller should I decide to purchase. She found me a home in a very safe neighborhood, close to work, shopping and church as well as transit connections should I need them. I still live in my home and love it very much as well as my lovely neighbors. I would let Eslyn guide me again should I decide to move on from my current home.

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